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Based in London, Chaumont Networks is one of the UK’s leading consultancy and facilities provider to international and domestic radio stations in London and the UK.

Chaumont has developed COVID-safe virtual and studio based radio operations with gold standard infrastructure for connection to the Arqiva transmission network.

Whether you want re-transmission from your studios or to use our studio, engineering, channel and transmission services we have the solution.

All backed by a 26 year pedigree and an unrivalled depth of knowledge and expertise in the UK broadcast sector.

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Who We Are

Toby Aldrich


Toby has been a broadcast executive in TV and Radio for over thirty years. He is the owner of Chaumont Networks, the UK’s premier provider of operational consultancy and infrastructure support to International and UK based radio stations.

As a broadcaster, Toby has been actively involved at a senior level in radio and TV station launches and broadcast strategies. Toby especially understands the challenges facing independent radio stations, and the support and economies of scale that they need.

He is also involved in various international ventures including currently on the Board of an advertising and creative JV inBeijing, China. He has a special interest in media having held Board positions in the leading Arabic TV broadcaster, MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center),their radio offshoot MBC FM, and United Press International.

Paul Miller

Head of Broadcast Operations

With two decades in the broadcast industry, Paul is one of the most experienced radio station engineers in the country. Before joining Chaumont Networks he had built and maintained over 100 radio studios all over the UK.

At Chaumont Networks, he has devised and constructed a broadcast system to rival any in the industry. At anyone time Paul and his team control the transmission of multiple stations from the Chaumont control room. Using the latest technology, monitoring systems and gold standard fail over technology Paul gives clients 24 hour on air reliability. Paul is also an expert in Broadcast IT ensuring that our clients are delivered solutions to enable even the most complex routes to air


What services do you provide for radio stations?

Essentially anything you want.

We can provide studios, airtime, offices and desks, help to get a licence or, if you prefer, you can broadcast using one of our licences. You can select all or any of these options – the choice is yours.

Some radio clients just want airtime, others want airtime and studios, some want to use all of our services, some just want our technical services.

Also, as your consultant we can give the best advice on all aspects of launching your station in London whether it’s something technical or to do with OFCOM. We are here to help.

What are the advantages of working with Chaumont Networks?

You will save management time and money. If you take our broadcast option we will provide and support your studios and technical requirements. This means you can concentrate of programming and revenue.

Also more and more radio businesses are realising the advantages of co location. With our office and desk option you’ll have offices in Central London that will impress your staff and clients.

We know the UK radio industry inside out. Using our consultancy service we can make your set up easy and cost effective. You can be on air very quickly

How easy is it to get my service on air in London?

If you are working with The Chaumont Networks it is very easy. We have 30 years experience of getting stations on air and enjoy a very good relationship with OFCOM and all the DAB multiplex operators. We can get you on air very quickly

I want to broadcast across the whole of the UK as well as London. Can you organise that?

Yes we can. Subject to availability our engineering team can arrange for your signal to be sent to a national multiplex so that you are broadcasting across the whole nation. Again, subject to availability we can also get your signal on air in any UK city.

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