What services do you provide for radio stations?

Essentially anything you want.

We can provide studios, airtime, offices and desks, help to get a licence or, if you prefer, we can work together with one of our licences. You can select all or any of these options – the choice is yours.

Some radio clients just want airtime, others want airtime and studios, some want to use all of our services, some just want our technical services.

Also, as your consultant we can give the best advice on all aspects of launching your station in London whether it’s something technical or to do with OFCOM. We are here to help.

What are the advantages of working with Chaumont Networks

You will save management time and a lot of money. If you take our broadcast option we will provide and support your studios and technical requirements. This means you can concentrate of programming and revenue.

Also more and more radio businesses are realising the advantages of co location. With our office and desk option you’ll have offices in Central London that will impress your staff and clients.

We know the UK radio industry inside out. Using our consultancy service we can make your set up easy and cost effective. You can be on air very quickly

How easy is it to get my service on air in London?

If you are working with it is very easy. We have 30 years experience of getting stations on air and enjoy a very good relationship with OFCOM and all the DAB multiplex operators. We can get you on air very quickly

What is DAB Radio?

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. DAB is a digital radio standard, which means it is a particular way of broadcasting radio in a digital rather than an analogue format. DAB is the main platform used in the UK.

Most of the stations in the UK broadcast on DAB. There are several digital-only stations that you will find on DAB but not on AM or FM.

In lots of ways, DAB radio is more user friendly than analogue radio. The first time you switch a new DAB radio on, it will automatically scan for available stations and save them all. You can then tune into them just by scrolling through an alphabetical list of stations, so you don’t need to remember frequencies.

DAB radios also feature a display which provides you with a lot of information including the name of the station, song and artist you are listening to as well as the name of the particular radio programme or DJ.

The vast majority of radios sold in the UK in 2019 have DAB and digital listening is now more popular in the UK than analogue

DAB and DAB+ (the newer version of DAB) were introduced with the intention of eventually replacing FM in the UK and other European countries.

I want to broadcast across the whole of the UK as well as London. Can you organise that?

Yes we can. Subject to availability our engineering team can arrange for your signal to be sent to a national multiplex so that you are broadcasting across the whole nation. Again, subject to availability we can also get your signal on air in any UK city.

Can you help us work with the radio regulator, OFCOM?

We have 30 years experience of working with the UK broadcasting regulator and enjoy an excellent relationship. Navigating the regulatory framework in the UK can be time consuming. has long experience in the sector and can make the whole process simple

How do you hire studios? On a long contract or by the hour?

The choice is yours. We have a suite of new, broadcast ready studios available for your exclusive use and fully supported by our highly qualified engineering team. This option means your radio station does not need to build studios or hire engineers and technical staff

Alternatively, we also hire studios by the hour or day at some of the most competitive prices available in London. This is a great option for someone just wanting to use a studio for a short time for a specific project

I already have a broadcast licence. Can I use your services?

Of course. We have many clients who have their own OFCOM broadcast licences and come to us for studios facilities. This represents a great saving on infrastructure, premises and staffing.

I don’t have a broadcast licence. How can you help me?

We have our own broadcast licences and run our own channels. We can facilitate you getting on air.

Again, we have clients who have chosen this option.

Do any of your staff speak foreign languages?

Yes, we have Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese and Spanish speakers

Do you take care of all of my engineering?

Absolutely, this is one of our most important services. We are proud to have some of the best radio engineers in the industry. They can advise on all areas of broadcast technology.

They will ensure that your studio is fully serviced and oversee the whole route to air from your studio to the transmission tower. In addition, we have some of the finest failover mechanisms available using the latest technology to monitor your channel 24 hours a day.

On a day to day level they will offer support for special broadcast requirements ensuring that your outside broadcast, interview or overseas linkup goes smoothly.

Their support is all part of

I want to install my own equipment in the studio. Can I do this?

As long as the equipment is of broadcast standard we are happy to oblige.

How good is your internet provision?

First class. We have invested heavily in providing Gold Standard connectivity.

We provide a 500 connection with a primary and a back up firewall. We have the ability to set up separate VLANs and networks for individual stations

Can you organise streaming of my service?

Yes. We can deliver your station output over the internet in mp3, AAC or AAC+ formats. This means your listeners can hear your stations via your App, your website or other streaming services such as Alexa

We work with all the leading playout system providers and can assist you with set up and ongoing operations

What’s the potential for advertising revenue in London?

Huge. London is one of the world’s leading international cities. With a population of over 10 million people there are at least 300 different languages spoken in the city. With looking after your technical, engineering and infrastructure needs you can concentrate on making great programming and focus on creating revenue

How central are your studios and offices?

is based in Central London within minutes of Waterloo, Blackfriars and London Bridge railway stations. Southwark Underground is 4 minutes walk away.

The Tate Modern Gallery is opposite while the whole area is busy with restaurants, coffee shops and all the amenities you expect from a central London location

Do you broadcast your own services too?

Yes. As well as being leading provider of consultancy and radio station infrastructure services we also operate our own radio stations.

We are experts in broadcasting to London’s diverse communities.

Being a broadcaster ourselves means that we understand first hand the needs of radio stations.

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