Originally Known as Spectrum International

The service was launched in 1990 and is one of the UK’s heritage broadcast businesses. In the early days Spectrum broadcast on 558AM across London providing broadcast hours to various ethnic groups living in the city.

By 2009 it was obvious that broadcasting in London was increasingly important to international radio businesses. It was also obvious there was a need for a company that understood the coming digital revolution in radio. Also, one that could provide the means to make a broadcasting in London straightforward.

The business became “The Spectrum Radio Network” reflecting the fact that it was running a series of DAB frequencies and providing airtime, studios, offices and transmission facilities to radio stations from the UK and all over the world.

Now The Spectrum Radio Network is the UK’s leading consultancy and facilities provider to international and domestic radio stations. It’s the “go to” choice for any UK or international radio stations wanting a ready-made infrastructure to broadcast across London and the UK

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