Toby Aldrich


Toby has been a broadcast executive in the radio industry for over thirty years. He is the owner of The Spectrum Radio Network, the UK’s premier provider of operational consultancy and infrastructure support to International and UK based radio stations
As a broadcaster, Toby has been actively involved at a senior level in radio station launches and broadcast strategies. As well as Spectrum he is closely involved with London’s newest sports station. Toby understands the support and economies of scale radio stations need.
He is also involved in various international ventures including media projects in China. He has a special interest in media in the Arab speaking world having held executive positions in The Middle Eastern Broadcasting Center (MBC) and United Press.

John Ogden

Network Director

John has been in charge of Commercial and BBC radio stations in a wide variety of roles and understands what broadcasters want.
His thirty-year career in radio gives him a unique understanding of all aspects of the radio industry and station formats.
He has been in charge of large BBC radio newsrooms and been a Programme Director programming music and speech output for both BBC and Commercial radio stations. As a senior management executive he has managed award-winning stations in London
He has an understanding of the international radio market having been an executive in the UK’s first young Asian station. With Spectrum he has successfully guided International and UK based clients and various religious groups to air in London.

Paul Miller

Head of Broadcast Operations

With two decades in the broadcast industry, Paul is one of the most experienced radio station engineers in the country. Before joining The Spectrum Radio Network he built and maintained over 100 radio studios all over the UK.
At The Spectrum Radio Network he has devised and constructed a broadcast system unlike anything else in the industry. At anyone time Paul and his team control the transmission of a nine radio stations from the Spectrum control room. Using the latest technology, monitoring systems and gold standard fail over technology Paul gives clients 24 hour on air reliability. Paul is also an expert in Broadcast IT ensuring that our clients are delivered solutions to enable even the most complex routes to air

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