Chaumont Networks provides industry leading consultancy . on all operational and technical broadcast issues including OFCOM licensing, acquiring a DAB frequency, transmission and all aspects of broadcast regulation.

Co – Location

Some stations co-locate their whole operation in our Central London radio complex and use our superb studio and office facilities. We handle all your studio, office and engineering needs while you concentrate on programming and sales.

The “Platinum” Turn Key Solution

The “Platinum” Turn Key Solution with licensing, DAB channel space, studios, engineering, transmission and full office facilities.

Air Time Hours

We can provide a full 24/7 DAB frequency for your exclusive use. Alternatively, if you don’t want to broadcast 24 hours a day at this stage we can provide broadcast hours on DAB. Whether you want to be on air 24 hours a day or one hour a week just talk to Chaumont Networks.

Broadcast from London or your own studios

We offer clients full exclusive use of a studios in our radio complex Also, we can take a feed from your studios anywhere in the world and re-transmit it across London.

Studio Hire

Or perhaps you just want to hire a broadcast ready studio? We can hire studios by the hour or by the day with or without a studio engineer. This is the popular choice for voice over artists, film crews, training workshops, podcasters, London outside broadcasts, interviews.

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